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Common Questions & Answers:

How do I place an order?
Easy, simply e-mail me at: , and let me know what size and type of painting you need. Or go to the Email & Ordering page on this site to submit your order form to me.
What information do you need about the painting I want?
You can give as much or as little info as you want, although the more detailed you are about what kind of painting you would like, the happier you'll be with the finished product. Some helpful things for me to know are obviously the canvas size, and the type of painting you are looking for, ie. landscape: (mountain, lake, forrest, ocean, space & planets, combinations, etc. / seasons, time of day or night)
I have this cool picture of my dog / Superman / little brother / car, and I want it enlarged into an oil painting, can you do that for me?
Sure, no problem.. all I need is a picture to work from, so as long as you can email the picture, send me a link to it, or send it by snail mail, then you will get the painting you want.
How do I know what size canvas I need?
Got a tape measure? If so, figure out where on your wall you will hang it, think about the size compared to the space in the room, then measure what seems natural for your decor needs and compare that measurment to the canvas sizes in the Order Options page, then pick the one that's closest.
Do you offer any framing options?
Yes I do! However, prices for different sized and style frames can vary wildly, so that is something the purchaser and I would need to work out via e-mail.
How long will it be until I receive my painting?
This depends on a few factors. It takes me 1 to 3 days to finish a painting, unless i'm working with seperate layers that need to dry inbetween. Also, oil paint takes around 2 to 3 weeks to dry to the touch and be shipable. When the painting is ready, I will ship it with the fastest yet cost acceptable method available. So we're looking at around 2 to 5 weeks.

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