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Just a little about me:

   Ok, so you want to know all about me?
   Well, my name is Michael, I am 31 years old, and very much into painting.
   I have been doing something artistic ever since I can remember. When I was very young, of course, I would experiment with play dough and construction paper, and as I got older I tried different styles of sketching with pencil, ink, charcoals, and pastel sticks, where I used to create comic books starring myself and my friends.
   I grew up in Mantua, Ohio and stayed there all through my schooling, including high school, where I first became interested in painting. I used the knowledge gained in school and started painting in oils just for fun.
   At the same time I would always watch The Joy of Painting on the public television station starring the late great Bob Ross, and from there I just taught myself and, through experimentation, have developed my own painting skills, mostly using oil paints and occasionaly acrylics.
   That's me in a very small nutshell. If there's anything else you'd like to know, e-mail me and I will update this page accordingly.


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